Here at Embroid-it, we specialize in 3 types of services:

1. Embroidery

2. Logo digitising

3. Supply of goods

Embroidery Services

We are an embroidery service specialist. We will attempt to embroid anything you request. You can provide your own garment to get embroidered, or simply choose any garment from our wide range to get embroidered. If you can name it, we’ll embroid-it!

Logo Digitising

Simply provide a copy of your company logo in most picture formats (including but not limited to pdf, jpg, gif) and we’ll turn it into an embroidery ready format to be embroidered on your garment. Alternatively, tell us what it is (names, pictures, numbers, etc) you require to get embroidered, and we will do it for you. Its that simple!

Supply of Clothing and more

Embroid-it specialises in supplying a wide variety of clothing, caps, and lots of other practical goods to satisfy most requirements. Click on any one of our leading suppliers link – JB’s Wear, Winning Spirit or Grace Collections to check out the wide range available to you.

Some of the types of garments we supply, but not limited to include:

► Hats       ► Shirts      ► Polos              ► Bags

► Robes    ► Pants       ► Jackets           ► Scarves

► Skirts     ► Aprons    ► Blouses          ► Table Cloths

► Handkerchief             ► Sporting Team Uniforms

► Uniforms – including Schools, Sporting & Social Clubs

► General Work Wear for Hospitality, Corporate, Trades & Services

These are just some of the things we can provide you.

Whether you require one item, hundreds or thousands to get embroidered, we will cater for your needs, providing only the best quality embroidery available.

Where other embroidery service provider say no, we say YES!

Call us on 03 9337 5595 – 0401 995 517 or email us at to discuss any of your requirements!